Mister Micawber

On Tuesdays call me Sally

"Some genderqueers prefer to go by the conventional binary pronouns 'he' or 'she', while others prefer gender-neutral pronouns such as 'ze', 'per', 'zir', 'sie' and 'hir', 'zhe', 'hir', 'zes' or singular 'they' instead of 'her'/'his'. Some genderqueer people prefer to have people alternate between 'he' and 'she' (and/or gender neutral pronouns) in reference to them, and some prefer the use only of their name and no pronouns at all." (from a recent linguistic article)


On Tuesdays call me 'Sally',
'Cause that's when I'm a gal,
but Wednesdays I feel masculine,
so then please call me 'Sal'.

Thursdays find me not so sure,
I'll then respond to 'zir' –
but Fridays at the office,
you'd better call me 'Sir'.

Weekends are a lot of fun –
away from 'hers' and 'his',
I get to party with the crowd
of 'sie' and 'per' and 'zes'.

The only problem that I have
with 'her' and 'his' and 'it':
when I awake at midnight,
should I go and stand or sit?